You Ate What?

You Ate What?

It was supposed to be a party to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. The ice cream was flavored with chocolate, caramel, and pecan nuts. And one more item:

A catheter.


That extra treat ended up in the mouth of the new grandfather, Carole-Anne Christofferson of Quebec told Radio-Canada. “He put it in his mouth and found the top of syringe.”

Two others also ate some of the ice cream before the intravenous catheter was discovered. They all were advised by health authorities to get tested for HIV and for Hepatitis A, B, and C. They were also told to get blood tests for the next six months.

“There was something brown on the needle, but we did not know if it was blood or caramel,” Christofferson, who ate some of the ice cream, told the Canadian newspaper La Presse.

Coaticook, the ice cream maker, says it is investigating. “It’s not normal,” Jean Provencher, the owner of Coaticook, said.

STRANGE FACT:The ancient Syrians were among the first to use catheters. They made them from reeds.

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