Why Does Ron DeSantis Hate Children?

Ron DeSantis

It’s time we asked our governor why he hates children.

Yeah, I know, it sounds like one of those “when did you stop beating your wife” loaded questions. But consider:

Gov. Ron DeSantis has been on a tear, threatening local Florida school districts with fund cuts and even replacing school board members if they dare defy his edict that masks can’t be required in schools. This despite pandemic numbers hitting record highs and hospitals suffering from overcrowding.

Most school-age children in grades five and lower are ineligible for any of the COVID-19 vaccines and masks are their only means of protection against the disease.

So why is DeSantis sticking his nose into this? Isn’t the Republican Party supposed to be about local control? Then why override locally elected school boards? Politics, obviously, is the first answer that comes to mind. It’s a sop to the Ever-Trumpers that DeSantis believes he needs to get re-elected.

Never mind the cost to the health of all those kids.

But now this: The Orlando Sentinel has just reported that Florida is missing out on millions of federal dollars that could be used to fight childhood hunger because DeSantis refused to renew Florida’s participation in a summer program that feeds kids who are out of school.

Why would he leave $820 million in federal aid designed to help kids on the table? Is it just incompetence? Was he too busy pimping coronavirus treatments a major donor owns stock in?

Even ruby red states like Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas took advantage of the program.

Maybe their governors are more fond of children.




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