Flying pig

When Pigs Fly

Well, it looks like pigs really can fly.

That’s what Travis Adair of Deerfield Beach, Florida discovered this week when a 15-pound bag of frozen pork crashed onto the roof of his home. He said he heard a “big bang” and thought it was thunder. That’s when his wife Jennie went outdoors and found two packages of frozen pork in the yard. Their son Austin found another three bundles on the roof.

Adair said the flying pork had to fall from the sky because it was too heavy to heave atop his roof. He thinks it must have been dropped from an airplane.

The plastic packages of pork were labeled as belonging to a man in Myakka City, Jim Williams. Williams told the Associated Press that he recently bought some pigs at a county fair, kept most of the meat, but has no idea how it could have fallen from the sky. He’s not a pilot nor does he own a plane.

We now have a new definition for mystery meat.

STRANGE FACT: There are about 2 billion pigs in the world.

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