The Cage

The Cage Will Keep You Spellbound

A few weeks ago I was watching Jeopardy when a contestant was introduced as a novelist from Sarasota. I was curious about this fellow Florida writer and looked up Bonnie Kistler on Amazon and discovered her latest book, The Cage, and ordered it.

At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, The Cage is the finest mystery I have read in years. Move over Gillian Flynn, there’s a new unreliable narrator in town.

The reviews on Amazon call it “a firecracker of a novel” and “an absolutely spellbinding thriller” and “a delicious thrill-ride.” It’s all that and more. Bonnie Kistler has with this book refined the concept of the unreliable narrator. She plays with her readers, but never actually lies to us. It’s a masterful study on how to weave a mystery.

Just to whet your appetite, here’s how it starts: Two women enter an elevator. By the time the elevator reaches the ground floor, one woman has been shot to death, the other is hysterical. Suicide? Murder? What’s behind all this? Can we believe anyone? I rarely have been this enthusiastic about a story I’ve read. Highly recommended.

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