chocolate vat

Tasty Tumble into Chocolate Vat Not So Sweet

It sounds like a dream come true: Swimming in a tub of liquid chocolate.

But it was a nightmare for a pair of workers at a candy factory when they fell into a partially filled vat and had to be rescued by emergency responders.

The mishap occurred in Elizabethtown, Pa., at the Mars Wrigley plant.

It’s unclear how the workers tumbled into the vat. But in order to retrieve them, rescuers had to cut a hole in the bottom of the container.

The pair was taken to a local hospital to get checked out, but the tragedy of it all is the lost chocolate streaming out of the hole in the vat. All that goodness gone forever. Oh, the horror.

Say Out of the Water and the Swamp…

The world’s largest freshwater fish was captured in the Mekong River in Cambodia, recently and it’s not one you would want to go swimming with.

It was a stingray measuring a whopping 13 feet from head to tail.

Meanwhile in Florida, a record-breaking Burmese python was captured just a few miles from my house. The enormous snake measured 18 feet in length and weighed in at 215 pounds.

It was a female that was discovered by using a male “scout” snake equipped with a radio transmitter that allowed scientists to follow it as it sought out a mate. Researchers for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida extracted more than 200 eggs from the gigantic python.

You Cockroach, You

Court was adjourned — rapidly — when a woman released hundreds of cockroaches during an arraignment proceeding.

The melee took place at Albany City Court in upstate New York. One of four defendants being arraigned was caught trying to film the proceeding, which attracted the judge’s ire. An altercation erupted, and a 34-year-old woman in the audience opened containers releasing hundreds of cockroaches that rapidly skittered throughout the courtroom.

Why? That’s a mystery. What is clear is that court was quickly adjourned. The room was fumigated. And the bug-releaser was arrested and will be returning to the same courtroom for her own arraignment. No doubt after being patted down for any hidden insects.

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