Smoking Can Kill You — And Your Car

E-cigarettes are supposed to be the safer alternative to smoking. None of those nasty tars and carcinogenic poisons that will turn your lungs into coal sacks and over time put you on a walking oxygen tank before you croak.

Well, don’t try that pitch on Cassandra Kosiol. The 30-year-old woman from Naples, Florida found out the hard way that vaping has its own dangers.

She was parked outside a friend’s house and decided to take a drag on her e-cigarette. She pushed the button to turn it on and — BLAM!– it exploded, knocking her teeth loose and rocketing away from her.

Covered in blood and soot, Kosiol, staggered into her friend’s house to seek help. When they ran outside to take her to the hospital, they were greeted by the sight of Kosiol’s car in flames.

Kosiol is not the first victim of an e-digarette explosion in recent months, the Naples Daily News reported. There have been at least two others, and there have been reports elsewhere around the nation.

STRANGE FACT: Smoking cigarettes can lead to erectile disfunction.

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