A Rolex is a Girl’s Best Friend


Gentlemen, you may want to leave your Rolexes at home. Over the past two years, police in South Florida have nabbed dozens of femme fatales who cruise high-class nightclubs looking for intoxicated rich guys and robbing them. Their modus operandi: Identify the wealthy victims by their jewelry, most often expensive watches, help them get sloshed, take them back to their […]

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Her car turned her in


A 57-year-old Florida woman was arrested for hit-and-run recently after her car ratted her out to police. After the collision, the black Ford Focus driven by a Port St. Lucie woman, automatically called 911 as part of its emergency response system. When police dispatchers called the woman to check on her, she initially denied being in a wreck, but dispatchers […]

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Urine trouble, lady

crime scene

Police in Florida’s Panhandle didn’t have to call out the crime scene techs to solve this shoplifting mystery, although there was plenty of DNA left behind. Employees at the Ann Taylor store at the Silver Sands Premium Outlets in Miramar Beach found some security tags on the floor of the dressing room earlier this week. They also found a cell […]

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Oh, poop!


  In yesterday’s installment of The Strange Files, we explored some of the worst excuses employees have concocted for being late for work (my personal fave being “my lizard died”). Today, we have what surely may be the strangest excuse yet for shoplifting. In Spring Hill, a small town north of Tampa, a 51-year-old woman was spotted stuffing nearly $200 […]

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