Oh, poop!


In yesterday’s installment of The Strange Files, we explored some of the worst excuses employees have concocted for being late for work (my personal fave being “my lizard died”).

Today, we have what surely may be the strangest excuse yet for shoplifting.

In Spring Hill, a small town north of Tampa, a 51-year-old woman was spotted stuffing nearly $200 worth of groceries into reuseable bags at a Publix supermarket and walking out without paying.

Alert employees wrote down her license plate number and called the cops. After being contacted at home, she agreed to return to the store, where she was arrested by Hernando County sheriff’s deputies, according to WFLA television.

Her excuse:

She told deputies the reason she walked out without paying is because she had pooped in her pants.

STRANGE FACT: The oldest human poop ever discovered dates to about 50,000 years ago. There is no recorded scientific correlation between pooping and shoplifting. However, some people experience the need to poop when visiting a bookstore. It is called the Mariko Aoki phenomenon. I poop you not.

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