No, Sharknado Isn’t Real. But This Sculpture is now a Protected Landmark



In case you were wondering, that fish embedded in the roof of this Oxford, England building is not the result of a Sharknado.

It’s a twenty-five foot sculpture installed years ago by an American ex-pat named Bill Heine, who was inspired by the sound of American warplanes flying overhead in 1986 on their way to bomb Libyan terrorists.

Heine thought the shark crashing through the roof of his house sent a message of how terrifying objects falling from the sky could be.

City officials were aghast, but after years of bluster have now declared it a protected landmark.

In other news of the weird…

— At a screening of The Batman, theater operators in Austin had to stop the movie when an actual bat began flapping about in the theater. They called animal control but were unsuccessful in ridding The Moviehouse & Eatery of the flying mammal. Patrons were offered a refund, but most chose to stay and watch the film despite the danger of rabies from the uninvited guest star.

— Desperate for cocktails, a herd of deer overran the patio of an Oshkosh, Wisconsin, tavern, then smashed through the bar’s front window. They dispersed in a bit, as you can see in the video here. Drinks were on the house — actually all over the house.

— Did your mother ever nag you about wasting your money on comic books? Mine did. Little did she know: The first-ever Marvel comic book, among the most sought-after among comics collectors, has sold at auction for $2.4 million. Now where did I stash my copy?

— Prague, a city with painful memories of Soviet domination, is now home to an endangered eastern black rhinoceros. Zookeepers have named the baby rhino Kyiv to honor the brave people of Ukraine.

— Why did the salamander cross the road? We may never know, but in Marquette, Michigan, city officials are closing a busy road each night to allow migrating salamanders safe passage.

— The New Hampshire legislature has rejected a proposal that would have called for the state to secede from the union. There is no truth to the rumor they were afraid no one would notice.

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