Jail 45

It Can Be a Challenge to Take License With Donald Trump

Jail 45It can be a challenge to take license with America’s 45th president.


In Sweden, Marcus Saaf, admitting he “was drunk and thought it was fun” tried to apply for a vanity license plate reading TRUMP.

Swedish authorities denied the application, saying it was “offensive.”

The Swedish Transport Agency, which issues license plates, has a rule that prohibits political messages along with other potentially “offensive” terms.

When he sobered up, Saaf admitted, “I can understand that it can be perceived as such.”

Closer to home, a Texas history teacher, Jerry Balkenbush, fed up with Trump, ordered a license plate that read JAIL 45.

Why? Trump, he says, is “a crook (who) needs to go to jail.”

State authorities issued the license plate but then had second thoughts and ordered Balkenbush to remove it.

“I really feel like it was a violation of my freedom of speech against the government,” he said.

Balkenbush’s plate was not the only one rejected by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Other plates nixed by the government included DMPTRUMP, LOKHMUP, and WHO FRTD.

And in Virginia, a man appealed a DMV decision to revoke his vanity plate, but lost. The plate, which the state said was “profane” read:


But while it can be a challenge to slip political messages past state authorities when they are critical of the president, they seem perfectly happy to issue plates such as the one flashed by an Ohio man during a Trump campaign during the last election. It read:


And an Oklahoma legislator earlier this year proposed creating specialty license plates with the words “Make America Great Again.”

The local Veterans of Foreign Wars rose up to oppose the MAGA plate. Not because they were offended by the blatant effort to include a political slogan on licenses, but because the $20 surcharge was going to be split between two other veterans groups, and they weren’t included.

STRANGE FACTS: Florida was the last state to introduce license plates to be used statewide. Arizona is the only state to have made license plates out of copper. And Delaware was the last state to issue a plate made out of porcelain. It ended the practice in 1942.









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