Get Me Out of Here

Get Me Out of Here

Cops have the best stories.

A Monroe County deputy responded to a call about a suspicious automobile in near Marathon in the Florida Keys recently.

When Deputy Seth Hopp approached the 1997 Lincoln Continental, he heard yelling from the trunk.

He ordered the man out of the trunk, but the disembodied voice replied he couldn’t. Once the deputy released the man, he told him his story:

He had gone for a walk on the beach, but when he returned to his car, he couldn’t find his keys. He climbed into the trunk, thinking they might have fallen in there. “The trunk then closed on him,” the deputy said.

The Sun Sentinel reported that a pill bottle containing marijuana was found in the Lincoln. The driver was charged with possession, a first-degree misdemeanor. His mom was called and she drove him home.

STRANGE FACT: Check out this story at Atlas Obscura. It tells the story of how and why all modern cars have trunk releases.

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