Florida Woman Bites Camel–Yeah It’s a Little Nutty

camelA Florida woman (of course she had to be from Florida) found herself uncomfortably pinned to the ground by a camel at a truck stop and did the only thing she could think of to save herself:

She bit the camel on his testicles.

Now, before going further, there are several questions that are sure to spring to mind, not the least of which is how did she end up under the 600-pound animal in the first place? And what the heck was a camel doing at a truck stop in Louisiana?

Her name is Gloria Lancaster and she and her husband, a truck driver, had stopped at Tiger Truck Stop south of Baton Rouge. Tiger Truck Stop is unique. It is not only a cafe and gas station, but also an animal attraction. One of the animals is a camel named Joe Joe.

Okay. Now we know why there was a camel at a truck stop. But how did she get under Joe Joe?

Her story:

Her dog got loose and ran into the camel’s enclosure and she ran after the dog to retrieve him. Which put her under Joe Joe. And Joe Joe decided it was time for a little sit down.

“God will always make a way out where there is no way,” she told interviewers. “On the side of my face was his testicles and I couldn’t do anything with my arms so I’m not gonna lie, I bit them!” 

She suffered a broken collarbone and bruised ribs in the encounter, but said she’d do it again if she had to to save her dog.

The truck stop manager was unamused:

“None of this would have happened if they just would’ve had the dog on a leash instead of letting it roam free in a truck stop,” said Pamela Bossier.

And does the Florida woman bear a grudge against Joe Joe?

“Someone asked me yesterday what would I like to happen to the camel? Nothing. I don’t want anything to happen to the camel.”

Some might say Joe Joe already had enough happen to him for one day.

STRANGE FACT: Camels have three eyelids and two rows of eyelashes that prevent sand from entering their eyes.


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