Florida Once Again a Laughingstock in the Midst of the Pandemic

With toilet paper stripped from grocery store shelves by hoarders, people are left to use alternatives that don’t always flush very well.

Florida wastewater treatment plants are reporting that toilet paper alternatives are clogging the system, entangling pumps needed to move sewage—and sometimes breaking them.

They caution: Baby wipes, tissues, napkins and paper towels should never be used.

So what’s the alternative with all the hoarding going on? In other countries, people don’t always flush—they dispose in trash cans. People are now being urged to follow that example to keep sewage systems unclogged.

Thanks, hoarders.

In southwest Florida, public hearings were held in Lee and Collier counties where commissioners were debating whether to issue mandatory stay-at-home orders.

The constitutionality of that is in question, but is being openly debated because state government—specifically Gov. Ron DeSantis—have failed to shut the state down, which is leading to speculation that the Sunshine State, with its overlarge elderly population, could be the next coronavirus epicenter.

In two recent hearings, county commissioners heard from a variety of speakers, some urging an immediate lockdown of all-but-essential activities, others lobbying to be included in the “essential” list.

Adamant among those arguing to be seen as essential were golf course managers who cited the mental health of their players and the angst that would be created by denying them access to the links.

Never mind access to the ICUs when they become overcrowded with golfers in need of ventilation.

What’s the handicap for that?

In Jacksonville, a man was arrested for spraying the contents of a bottle labeled COVID-19 around the door of a local business, the Associated Press reported.

The 50-year-old Florida Man was charged with “attempted or threatened use of a weapon or hoax weapon of mass destruction.”

“The suspect reportedly made statements to the employees and patrons in the area that they were now infected with COVID-19,” police said.

A former U.S. Senate candidate from Florida, the white nationalist Augustin Sol Invictus, is pleading for bail because he’s afraid he may catch the coronavirus while in lockup.

Invictus is being held on a domestic violence charge and a gun violation in the town of Rock Hill, S.C. According to news reports, Invictus was accused of choking his wife and holding a gun to her head forcing her to drive him to Florida.

Invictus was one of the speakers at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 that turned deadly.

His lawyers argue that since he has not been convicted of a crime he should not be subjected to the deadly virus while in stir.

STRANGE FACT: Not all so-called “flushable wipes” are made equal. Consumer Reports tested several kinds and, according to USA Today, it took 12 hours for Scotts and Cottonelle to break down but other brands, such as Charmin and Equate never did. Even after 10 minutes in a mixer.

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