Feline Good: Noodles the Cat Has Been Found!

By Alexander Strange

Noodles the Cat, well known for its habit of riding bareback—well, actually, just sitting—on horses, had gone missing from his farm west of Chicago.

Ann Kandis, Noodles’ human, said the kitty’s misadventure began when it hopped into the trunk of her father’s car several years ago. Her dad heard a commotion in the trunk, pulled over, and the cat jumped out and disappeared.

Years passed. The family posted “lost cat” notices along the roadside where Noodles made her escape. All to no avail. They gave up.

Then a surprise. A fellow horse lover posted a Facebook message showing a cat on the back of a horse. Anybody missing a cat?

Well, yes!

Noodles ran up to Kandis when she arrived to claim her kitty. But then realized Noodles was in a good place and agreed to leave it there all fat and happy. It was a “good gig,” she said.

But she secured visitation rights.

STRANGE FACT: Turns out, friendships between felines and equines is not uncommon. Google cats and horses and there are a litter of pictures (like the one accompanying this) and stories. Including this article from a website entitled Cattitude Daily:


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