Catting Around

This kitty may not have set a Guinness record, but her journey is mind-boggling nonetheless.

Her name is Nadia and she is a Russian blue, a breed of cat known for the strong bonds they form with their human companions.

Strong indeed.

When Nadia was left behind in chilly Sheboygan, Wisconsin, she somehow—nobody knows exactly how—managed a 1,484-mile journey to rejoin her owners in Naples, Florida.

Cheri Stocker, Nadia’s human, told Kristine Gill of the Naples Daily News that, “we looked and looked everywhere that we could … she could have been up a tree, hiding under a bush” but she never was found.

But two months later, Nadia showed up.

She was discovered by a Naples woman who turned her into Animal Control Services. They found an embedded microchip identifying the kitty.

One determined cat.

But not the most determined animal ever. That honor belongs to a Labrador retriever/boxer mix named Jimpa who travelled 2,000 miles across Australia to rejoin his owner in 1979.

How Nadia trekked from Wisconsin to Florida is unknown. It is possible the story is less dramatic than it sounds. She could have hitched a ride on a truck as her owners have business interests in both states.

But let’s not let facts get in the way of a good story. And, finally, only Nadia knows for sure.

STRANGE FACT: Most cats have no eyelashes.

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