Are Cats Alien Invaders?

alien cat

A Polish scientific institute has added house cats to a list of “invasive alien species.” Not that they are otherwordly, but because cats damage biodiversity by hunting and killing birds and mammals. Biologists at the Polish Academy of Sciences, which maintains the list, were stunned by the reaction of cat lovers, who are furious. Maybe a certain group of Polish […]

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About that robot attack

robot chess player

A robot in Moscow violated Isaac Asimov’s First Law of Robots when it broke the finger of a 7-year-old boy. The kid was playing the robot during a chess tournament and apparently reached for a piece out of turn. The robotic arm grabbed his finger and crushed it. In case it’s been a while since you read Asimov’s I Robot, the […]

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Honorary Florida Man Award Goes to…


A 53-year-old Oklahoma man was arrested after police said he killed his friend for summoning Bigfoot to murder him. Larry Doll Sanders was fishing with Jimmy Knighten, also 53, when he realized Knighten “intended to feed him to Sasquatch/Bigfoot,” according to police reports. The incident took place on the Canadian River about 85 miles southeast of Oklahoma City. Police said […]

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The Cage Will Keep You Spellbound

The Cage

A few weeks ago I was watching Jeopardy when a contestant was introduced as a novelist from Sarasota. I was curious about this fellow Florida writer and looked up Bonnie Kistler on Amazon and discovered her latest book, The Cage, and ordered it. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, The Cage is the finest mystery I have read in years. Move over Gillian Flynn, there’s a new […]

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Fun Fourth of July Facts

Fourth of July

Fun Facts to Help Celebrate July 4th In addition to fireworks and hotdogs, here are a few tidbits you can share with your friends while celebrating Independence Day. While July 4, 1776 is the date the Declaration of Independence was published, the vote to approve the document actually took place two days before. So, technically, July 2 is the day independence from […]

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Check Out My July Newsletter


Did Elvis really sing to a hound dog on television?  Is falling into a vat of chocolate a dream come true or a nightmare? Did Abraham Lincoln pay more in taxes during the Civil War than Donald Trump did in his first two years in office? The answers to these and other vital questions are in my July SHARPEN UP […]

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A Question for Our Troubled Times: Do Snakes Poop?

Jumping Wor,s

I live on the edge of a nature preserve, and on Christmas Day I noticed a handful of bright green plants with ruby red berries blooming near my back yard. I was struck by the festive color combination, perfect for the holidays. But that delight was dampened when after a little online sleuthing I realized they are Brazilian pepper trees, […]

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