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Tropic Press LLC publishes the online news site www.Tropic.Press and is the imprint for its book publishing division. Tropic Press is dedicated to free expression, fervently supports the First Amendment, and is an independent voice unaffiliated with any political party or movement.

The Tropic Press motto “Eat Darkness, Shed Light” is a shameless ripoff of the Washington Post’s “Democracy Dies in Darkness” because we share the sentiment that conducting public affairs in the open is the best insurance for the preservation of freedom. (Although we think our motto is more action oriented and less gloomy than the Post’s).

Tropic Press is based in Florida, and our focus is on news–both that of high import and the simply entertaining–relevant to readers in this subtropical region of the United States.

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Tropic Press

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Publisher: Edwina Mahoney

Online Editor and columnist: J.C. Bruce

Managing Editor: Logan Bruce

Weird News Correspondent: Alexander Strange

Motherboard: Sandy Bruce

Design Director: Kacey Bruce

Special Contributors:

Garreth DePutron

Harold Ponitz

Elmore James

Maria J. Martinez

Assistant Copy Editor: Abigail Conwest

Security Consultant: Lester Rivers

Legal: Gwenn Giroux