A Little Nookie With Blue Lights Flashing

So where’s the most unusual place you’ve ever had sexual relations? In the back seat? Betcha not a back seat like this. It began when a Fernandina Beach, Florida couple were pulled over by a cop for–are you ready?–bicycling while drunk. And how would a cop know whether a couple of people pedaling around the beach town were snockered? His […]

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That Was The Weird Year That Was

Gator Man

A big shout-out to the Associated Press and other Florida newspapers for this summary of weird news from 2019. Keep being weird, Florida. In 2019, Florida Banana managed to eclipse Florida Man. From alligator antics to naked people doing wacky things, Florida did not disappoint in the weird news department. In December, a Miami couple spent more than $100,000 on […]

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