Lightning Blows Up Florida Woman’s Toilet

Exploding toilet

A Florida woman had the feces scared out of her this week when lightning caused her toilet to explode. During a thunderstorm, a bolt of lightning struck her septic tank and sent a powerful electrical charge through her plumbing. Methane gas built up in the pipes, a natural phenomenon, ignited causing the explosion, a plumber said. Marylou Ward of Port […]

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Headline News: Man Holds Elf Hostage


The headline in the Naples Daily News was irresistible: Man barracades elf in home with baby. No, I wasn’t drawn to the story because my inner copyeditor groaned about the misspelling of the word barricades. It was the reference to the elf. If you’re going to barricade yourself in a home with a baby, why not also include an elf […]

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