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Southernmost Point Buoy

Never Stiff Your Bartender

By J.C. Bruce Never stiff your bartender. That’s the lesson from how police were able to find and arrest the hooligans who burned Key West’s […]

J.C. Bruce

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  • Democrats created gerrymandering—they must own it Democrats have notoriously attempted to throw the Heisman hands at their policies when they turn south and point the finger to the Republicans, case in point: The "Defund the Police" movement. Amid a crime wave in liberal cities and states, …
  • DeSantis Confuses Absolute Power with Freedom Supreme Court upholds vaccine mandate for health care workers In a highly anticipated ruling Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a COVID vaccine mandate for health care workers who ... (Image by YouTube, Channel: CBS 8 San Diego)   Details   DMCA My …
  • Covid, China, Trump: Your Monday Evening Briefing (Want to get this newsletter in your inbox? Here’s the sign-up.) Good evening. Here’s the latest at the end of Monday. 1. The C.D.C. is struggling to make tough decisions with scant data. At the onset of the pandemic, the agency stuck with its famously …

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  • NASA issues asteroid 'blind spot' warning 17 January 2022 NASA has issued a warning about asteroids heading for Earth completely undetected. Asteroid Astronomers funded by the space agency have discovered that objects heading towards at night can appear stationary because of the way the planet …
  • NASA: "Citizen scientists" help discover new planet NASA says that in their work collaborating alongside "citizen scientists," a new planet has now been discovered beyond our solar system. Citizens from all over can view telescope data shared by the space agency to work with professional …
  • Astronauts needed? Report finds NASA's corps is being spread too thin The nation's top space agency is working with the smallest group of astronauts it's seen in the last 20 years. CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Editor's Note: The video in the player above is from 2020 when the first group of Artemis astronauts was …


Science and Environment

Feline Good: Noodles the Cat Has Been Found!

By Alexander Strange Noodles the Cat, well known for its habit of riding bareback—well, actually, just sitting—on horses, had gone missing from his farm west of Chicago. Ann Kandis, Noodles’ human, said the kitty’s misadventure began when it hopped into the trunk of her father’s car several years ago. Her dad heard a commotion in the trunk, pulled over, and […]

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No More Bird Brain Jokes, Please

Smart birds

By Alexander Strange Make all the jokes you want about ‘bird brains,” but these cockatoos have been intriguing scientists with their learning capabilities. The photo, above, really tells the story. What you are seeing is a sulfur-crested cockatoo in Sydney, Australia opening the lid of a trash can to forage for food. But notice how the other birds are watching. […]

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Never Stiff Your Bartender

Southernmost Point Buoy

By J.C. Bruce Never stiff your bartender. That’s the lesson from how police were able to find and arrest the hooligans who burned Key West’s famous Southernmost Point landmark in the early hours of New Year’s Day. Denizens of the Conch Republic awoke at the first of the year to discover their famous landmark scorched. Two men were caught on […]

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Strange Currents, Mister Manners Win Awards

the strange files

The Florida Writers Association, the state’s largest and most prestigious literary organization, has announced that two novels by J.C. Bruce —  Strange Currents and Mister Manners — have won both gold and silver medals in the 2021 Royal Palm Literary Awards. Strange Currents won first place in the category honoring the best published mysteries in Florida. Strange Currents is the fourth […]

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