Terrie Rizzo Exhorts Democratic Values, Slams ‘Axis of Corruption’

Terrie Rizzo

The Florida Democratic Party unveiled its arguments for the 2020 election at its biennial state convention where party Chair Terrie Rizzo emphasized the party’s values and attacked the GOP’s “axis of corruption.”

Here are her remarks in full:

Walk into a room full of Democrats, and you see a crowd that looks like America — just look around this room — we encompass all races, religions, ethnicities — straight, lesbian, gay, bi, & transgender — able-bodied, and people with disabilities – young, middle-aged and senior …….  it is our diversity that is our strength! And it is our values that unite us.

Democratic values are about ensuring our society is welcoming. We believe in ensuring everyone has the opportunity to succeed, and not leaving people to fend for themselves while facing hard times.

Democrats are the party that demands living wages, affordable rents, and quality schools.

Democrats are the party that believes everyone should have access to health care.

Democrats are the party that knows a woman should have control over her own body.

Democrats are the party that calls on our state leaders to pass laws to end discrimination against LGBTQ Floridians and Democrats walk with them in Pride.

We know our values, but sometimes we need to educate others about what it means to be a Democrat.

Just this last July, Florida’s junior Senator Rick Scott proved how little he knows about the Democratic Party when he claimed that Democrats are “the anti-Semitic party.”  How dare he!

I want to make it crystal clear, the Democratic party is the party that has no place for anti-Semitism.

But we don’t just say that. We live it by having an active and vibrant Jewish caucus.

We live it by standing up to white supremacists, and unlike Rick Scott, we live it by calling out this president’s bigotry.

Unlike Rick Scott, we stand up to this president when he claimed white supremacists are “very nice people.”

Unlike Rick Scott, we called out this president when he claimed Jews are disloyal if they don’t vote for a particular party.

Unlike Rick Scott, we understand it’s not good enough to not speak hate, we know we have to stand up against anti-Semitism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamaphobia, and bigotry in all its forms.

Our values are about lifting up all, and refusing to sit idly by when we see an injustice. And we certainly do not see such conviction from the Florida Republican Party!

When it was revealed that Donald Trump tried to shake down a foreign government to assist in his reelection campaign, what did our Governor Ron DeSantis do? Set up a presidential defense fund.

What did Senator Rick Scott do? He blamed Democrats.

And Senator Marco Rubio can’t seem to get the facts.

It is appalling watching our so-called leaders try to explain away the president’s abuse of power. Florida’s highest-ranking Republicans have proven time and again that they put party over country.

And our Republican state leaders in Florida have shown us how hollow their values are, too.

Governor Ron DeSantis responded to Amendment 4 by signing into law a poll tax to suppress the vote, while lobbyists fork out tens of thousands of dollars to golf with Florida’s governor.

Meanwhile Attorney General Ashley Moody is trying to deprive the voters of Florida from deciding if guns … such as the Sig Sauer MCX rifle that was used in the Pulse nightclub shooting here in Orlando … should still be sold in our state.

And Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis has been accused of running his office as a pay-to-play racket.

Together our Republican Cabinet members have acted as an Axis of Corruption.

We must NOT let them continue to run our state this way. We must NOT let Donald Trump continue to run the White House this way.  THAT is why 2020 and 2022 are so important.

But I know we can do it.

I know we will send Trump packing in 2020.

Trump will lose Florida because Floridians are sick and tired of his lying, of his broken promises, his divisiveness and his pursuit of taking care of himself and the rich while leaving the rest of us behind.

But the biggest reason why Florida will defeat Trump isn’t that he takes so much for himself, or his big business tax giveaways, the biggest reason comes down to this –– when voters ask themselves the question: what’s Donald Trump done for me? The answer is clear: nothing.

Where he and his Republican allies offer nothing, the Florida Democratic Party offers ideas, we offer values — and we are going to see that on full display today and throughout this exciting weekend.

Thank you Florida Democrats!

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