Guest Commentary: We can’t continue to Ignore Climate Change in Florida

Howard Goodman | Palm Beach Post

For climate change, Florida is the ballgame.

So says Rafe Pomerance, a man who has worked longer to stave off the threat of global warming than just about anybody.

If the national politics on climate change is ever to shift from denial to action — in time to stop the disgorging of carbon dioxide beyond the point of no return — Florida, he says, is the key.

Why? Because no other state is under greater immediate threat from the warming planet and rise in sea levels. And no other swing state has so many electoral votes.

As Pomerance puts it: “The impacts are extreme and the politics are critical.”

“This is the largest purple state in the country,” says Pomerance, currently a consultant for the nonprofit Rethink Energy Florida. If the state takes a new attitude on climate change, the “national impact can be very powerful.”

This assessment comes from the original climate-change warrior. Almost nobody had heard of global warming when Pomerance first stumbled upon the concept in 1979.

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