Florida Candidates for Science Tells How to Track Down the Dollars

Are your elected officials dedicated to you or their donors?

A new coalition of candidates running for Florida offices—Florida Candidates for Science—is offering a tool you can use to find the answer to that question for yourself.

The guide, posted on their new website, allows you to:

–Identify the legislative district you live in.

–How office-holders have voted on the issues.

–Where their money comes from.

Check out the guide HERE.

Florida Candidates for Science is a statewide coalition born in southwest Florida and founded by three candidates for office in this year’s election:

Annisa Karim, a wildlife ecologist who is running for state Senate.

Dr. Parisima Taeb, a physician running for state House.

Jennifer Boddicker, Ph.D., a microbiologist also running for state House.

They recently hosted a town hall in Fort Myers on the state’s water-quality crisis that drew nearly 500 people. Encouraged by this outpouring of support, they reached out to candidates around Florida willing to sign a pledge to put sicience over politics when it comes to solving our environmental problems.

Check out their Facebook page and their new website for more information.



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